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Addictive Lyrics and an Unforgettable Beat: Grammy-Worthy Motown Songs

Posted on: 02-12-2016

With the Grammy Awards airing this Monday, now is a perfect time to recollect Motown songs that have been inducted into The Grammy Hall of Fame. Motown had a way of producing hit songs with addictive lyrics and an unforgettable beat. So, it’s with no surprise dozens of Motown songs, including those recorded on subsidiarycontinue reading…

A Broader Story, A Bigger Vision: Motown Museum CEO’s Message for 2016

Posted on: 01-11-2016

Like most people entering this new year, I have been very reflective over the last few weeks. Being the granddaughter of Esther Gordy Edwards, the founder of Motown Museum, has always given me great pride. Since I took on this role in 2002, it has been my mission to continue my grandmother’s work of presentingcontinue reading…

Motown Museum Welcomes You to our Blog!

Posted on: 07-01-2015

We are thankful for the connections we have made with many of you who follow us on Twitter via our handle, @Motown_Museum and with the thousands of visitors to our Facebook group and fan pages. We look forward to your visits to our new website,; and our soon to be launched YouTube channel. Acrosscontinue reading…