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Music Lessons for Life: Motown EDU Students Reflect on Experience

Posted on: 07-06-2016


Earlier this year, we caught up with Zuri, Elijah Hunt and Ricky T, three participants of the Motown EDU 2015 summer camp, during a recording session sponsored by UAW-Ford. The Museum’s annual camp exposes metro-Detroit youth to music entrepreneurial skills as well as lessons on stage presence, songwriting, music production and more. These talented young people won this session through a competition during last year’s camp.

As we gear up for a new class of Motown EDU students, read about these dynamic young artists’ experience with the program below.



How did you find out about Motown EDU?

I always loved Motown ever since I was a little girl. My mom, my dad, and grandmother would play it. I was just getting back from California when my aunt told me that Motown EDU was having a camp. I was so excited. The next morning, my dad took me to Motown Museum. I did my application. I was ready!

How was your experience at Motown EDU?

My experience was wonderful! We had guest speakers come in and I was able to meet a lot of people passionate about music. I made a lot of friends there that I talk to all of the time. Now, I have friends who I can discuss music with. Also, we are able to record songs together! I never thought that I would be able to go in the studio with the help of Motown. 

Who are you as an artist?

My genre of music is R&B but I also love to rap. I think that I want to explore every single genre. When Rhonda Ross Kendrick came to Motown EDU, she told us not to be afraid to try different things. So I plan to try everything I can in music.

Elijah Hunt 


What does Motown mean to you?

My lane is gospel. But I’m an old soul when it comes to R&B, so I really love Motown. Outside of gospel, I like real, pure, genuine R&B when it gives you a message and is about something. That’s what Motown is to me. 

What is your philosophy as an artist?

My philosophy as an artist is confidence in expressing myself. Also, this is with anything in life that I do, seeking God in whatever I do. Anything that God does not bless, it will not last. Therefore, you are just wasting your time. And a lot of time, in the business world of music, time is money. So, you want to get it right the first time. Therefore, seek God first in everything that you do.

How did Motown EDU impact you as an artist? 

I learned about teamwork. I found out how to adjust and accommodate to the wants and needs of other people and the artists you’re working with.

Ricky T IMG_0557

How did you find out about Motown EDU?

My mother visited the Museum and heard about it. She knows how much I love music and aspire to me a great music artists one day. So, I instantly wanted to participate and I am so glad that I did.

How has Motown EDU helped you as an artist?

I’m not nervous in front of people anymore. Before being a participant in Motown EDU, I didn’t want to perform in front of anyone. Now, I’m used to it. It also taught me how to write better lyrics. Before I couldn’t come up with choruses or anything and now it’s easy to me. 

Who are you as an artist?

I see myself as an R&B and Hip-Hop artist. I just want people to hear how I felt when I wrote the song. I want to connect with the people who listen to my music.

 If you or your child is a young performing arts student, register for Motown EDU before Friday, July 15! Access the application here.