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History of Motown

Motown's history is shown in relationship to world history. Click each year along the timeline to see how the two synched up.

The Jackson Five perform at the Daisy Disco in Los Angeles with an introduction by Diana Ross.

The Temptations’ “I Can’t Get Next To You” reaches #1 on pop chart.

Music and Art Fair Festival in Woodstock, New York draws 400,000 music fans.

Duke Ellington receives Presidential Medal of Freedom from President Nixon.

Apollo 11 space flight lands lunar module on moon; Neil Armstrong is first man to walk on the moon’s surface.

Motown senior vice president Esther Gordy Edwards meets with Motown licensees in Czechoslovakia, Rumania, Finland, Austria and also visits Russia.

Tommy, the first of two rock operas by The Who is released.

Vietnam War: The very first U.S. troop withdrawals are made.

The first automatic teller machine in the United States is installed in Rockville Centre, New York.

ARPANET, the predecessor of the Internet, is created.

The Children’s Television Workshop’s educational television program Sesame Street is premiered in the United States.