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Music Lessons for Life: Motown EDU Students Reflect on Experience

Posted on: 07-06-2016

Earlier this year, we caught up with Zuri, Elijah Hunt and Ricky T, three participants of the Motown EDU 2015 summer camp, during a recording session sponsored by UAW-Ford. The Museum’s annual camp exposes metro-Detroit youth to music entrepreneurial skills as well as lessons on stage presence, songwriting, music production and more. These talented young peoplecontinue reading…

5 Things that Happened at Motown Museum During Black Music Month

Posted on: 07-01-2016

June officially became Black Music Month in 1979, just two decades after the Motown Sound emerged and changed the way we looked at music forever.  The Motown story inspires many people because of the impact these talented Black musicians had on musical history. Though we celebrate Black music history at Hitsville U.S.A. every day, wecontinue reading…

The Mothers of Motown: How Motherly Love Helped Build an Empire

Posted on: 05-06-2016

As many people know, mothers are no stranger to sacrifice. In fact, they are the greatest symbol of unconditional love. This is especially true of the mothers of Motown legends. Today, we remember three “Motown Mothers” whose contributions helped build the empire of Motown Records and added to the world renowned Motown sound. The Mothercontinue reading…

One Single Rose: Bringing Out the Soul in Detroit Spoken Word

Posted on: 04-28-2016

Soul-infused words bouncing off of the walls of Hitsville U.S.A is what Motown Mic encompasses. It’s no surprise that the first-ever winner of the series, Rosemarie “One Single Rose” Wilson, is an artist who personifies soul through her artistry, presence but most of all her words. One Single Rose’s spoken word career was launched aftercontinue reading…

A Life Changing Experience: Tamyra Rene Opens Up about Winning Motown Mic 2015

Posted on: 04-07-2016

  For the past three years, spoken word artists have a mic with their name on it at Hitsville U.S.A. This month, our Motown Mic series will continue to attract dozens of poets and guests from all over metro-Detroit. The Series honors Motown’s historic Black Forum Label by allowing spoken word artists of today tocontinue reading…

Black Forum Fridays: Honoring Motown’s Hidden Gem

Posted on: 02-29-2016

Imagine yourself listening to the voices of greats like Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and Langston Hughes in the vibrant Motown Museum gallery. Our Black Forum Fridays event series made that a reality. Every Friday during Black History Month, the Museum paid homage to Motown’s historic Black Forum Label, which was active from 1970 to 1973.continue reading…

Addictive Lyrics and an Unforgettable Beat: Grammy-Worthy Motown Songs

Posted on: 02-12-2016

With the Grammy Awards airing this Monday, now is a perfect time to recollect Motown songs that have been inducted into The Grammy Hall of Fame. Motown had a way of producing hit songs with addictive lyrics and an unforgettable beat. So, it’s with no surprise dozens of Motown songs, including those recorded on subsidiarycontinue reading…

A Broader Story, A Bigger Vision: Motown Museum CEO’s Message for 2016

Posted on: 01-11-2016

Like most people entering this new year, I have been very reflective over the last few weeks. Being the granddaughter of Esther Gordy Edwards, the founder of Motown Museum, has always given me great pride. Since I took on this role in 2002, it has been my mission to continue my grandmother’s work of presentingcontinue reading…

Motown Museum Welcomes You to our Blog!

Posted on: 07-01-2015

We are thankful for the connections we have made with many of you who follow us on Twitter via our handle, @Motown_Museum and with the thousands of visitors to our Facebook group and fan pages. We look forward to your visits to our new website,; and our soon to be launched YouTube channel. Acrosscontinue reading…